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Four-electric CNC lathe turret works

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LD4 series vertical electric knife (pictured) using a worm gear drive, upper and lower teeth ratcheting screw locking plate works, the use of non-contact Hall element letter transposition, the specific work process is as follows: The host system sends transfer after the signal, turret motor power is turned on, began to turn, the motor drives the rotation of the worm, the worm drive worm gear, worm gear screw keyed, turning the screw on the cutter body lift, upper and lower blade of the cutter body chainring disengaged. In this case, the clutch disc clutch pin into the groove, while the anti-anti rely plate by leaving off the trough, and then drive the cutter body rotation, when the knife to the desired position, the Hall element and the magnetic disk on the sender steel alignment signals issued to the host system in place, and then reverse the motor system sends the signal delay, motor reversal, the cutter body slightly inverted, made by the pin into the trough anti rely plate, clutch disc and clutch pin from the slot, and the cutter body can only fall under the merger tooth blade locking, reverse the motor end delay. This knife will complete the ATC program, under a host executable processes.

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