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温岭市文昌数控机床设备有限公司自成立之日起,始终秉承“诚信为根,服务为本,以质量求生存”的经营理念,不断在客户朋友及协作单位中树立了良好的企业形象。 目前文昌刀架已经成为市场热销产品,本公司以科学造 料、加工、部件检测,筛选调试一套生产工艺流程,目前年生产数控刀架6万台。公司全体员工以敬业、创新务 实拼博的工作热忱,本着“精益求精,全心全力”的服务原则,长期致力于数控刀架行业的发展,并孜孜以求,不 断进取,为客户提供精准、精密的产品。本公司经济实力雄厚,文昌诚挚邀请您与我们携手合作,共创高科技机 械的新时代。

WenLing Wench CNC Machine Tool Equipment Co., LTD is one of the most professional and competitive manufacturers of CNC machine tool carrier in china. The company is adhering to Integrity, Excellent Service and High quality" as business philosophy and building up the good enterprise image in more and more customers and cooperative enterprises. Now, the products are sold well in china and very popular in the market. The company has a complete and scientific production process including building materials, machining, detection and Screening test. The annual production for CNC cutter holder is sixty thousand pieces. All staffs are working in the industry for long time with more experiences and innovations, providing accurate and precision products for customers. The company has strong economic force, excellent technology and advanced equipment. Wenchang CNC Machine Tool Equipment Co., LTD is welcoming your visit and cooperation for both our future.


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